Technology is forever evolving, from telephone to mobile phones, from television to online video subscription. With the changing requirement, technology is changing. Similarly, the scenario of inbound marketing is forever innovating with up and coming new techniques to make the accessibility of its services more and easier, with the growing platforms to market their products onto. Consumers are being served on their platter, updated ways to block out annoying marketing gimmicks like direct emails or cold calling. The inbound marketers, aside from creating quality content need to adopt a reputable yet expansive method to make their product reach the targeted audience and the impression is long-lasting. The old rules of marketing are no longer relevant and will only do little to nothing in boosting the sales and success.

Technology, internet, software are helping in resolving everyday issues from booking a cab service, to ordering food, suggesting directions. The interconnectivity of Internet has shown its competence in every field especially marketing. Artificial intelligence is one such emerging technology that is growing prominence and helping to upscale the consumer- buyer relationship and boosting sales:



Artificial intelligence is no longer hailed as the scary machinery demon that has been devised to end the human race. Everybody around the world, albeit slowly are realizing the power it holds in making our lives.

Artificial intelligence makes use of machine learning to continually evolve its actions and cater to the varying needs. Be it suggesting a particular dress, or listing out a movie that might throw you off the grid, since they are of your preferred genre, AI is everywhere. It learns about your preference through your web browsing habits, retains and creates its formula to effectively work further.

Marketing has also caught the wind with renowned professional network sites making use of machine learning algorithm to suggest the right job to the right candidate. Social media sites are using pattern recognition algorithm to enhance the connectivity. AI helps in personalizing content and expands the consumer base.



Gone are those days when social media channels were the only medium for good customer service. Chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence is the new player in the field. More and more popular brands are seeking the help of bots to provide service to their consumers.

Created by leveraging technology, the chatbots provide consumers with intelligent human-like response and suggestions without any human being present.

Depending upon the browsing habits, chatbot will send you relevant recommendation, it will personalize your user-experience.

Replying to every consumer needs a dependable customer service base. Instead of a team, let the chatbot do the same work without any chance for mistake and no useless expenditure. Chats bots save time and keep you relevant on the social media.

Chatbots are swift and effortless to create and develop. Since they are mobile-first, they response time and user experience is manifolds enhanced.

Technology has now become an indispensable part of inbound marketing. Technology bring marketers closer to their customers and that helps them in knowing what the target audience desires specifically. With the help of various social media handles, technology has helped marketers in prioritizing their marketing strategies and advertise accordingly. And with the constant evolution in technology, marketing will upgrade into a more refined sector, hence the marketers need to buckle up, learn and grow with time.