Spam and Malware Costs Business Millions of Dollars in Lost Revenue

Spam and Malware Costs Business Millions of Dollars in Lost Revenue

Did you know that spam and malware costs businesses millions of dollars in lost time and revenue each year? We have all heard horror stories about people effectively being held digital hostage by nasty malware and viruses infecting their networks. However, millions upon millions of spam emails are expelled every month by automated bots or zombie computers that act as shields for the real culprits.

Malware and spam have always been a challenge for anti-virus and digital security companies, primarily because the corporations are often fighting a losing battle against script kiddies and petty criminals that have the ability to adapt and sidestep many of the security programs put in place. Despite the challenges, one of the best ways to protect any business is by installing an anti-spam and malware filtering gateway between local network based email services and the wider internet.

The Cost to Business

Businesses spend a large amount of time monitoring and protecting their internal networks from several spam and malware threats. Many of us receive spam at one time or another, but the problem is that a few emails can turn into thousands or even millions, bogging and slowing down networks, and generally causing a lot of mayhem. For businesses, their crucial internal network systems crash and their customers and clients are inconvenienced.

In the case of malware, such as Trojans, viruses, rootkits, and key-loggers, the situation is much worse. It is not unusual for corporates and large businesses, such as banks, to be debilitated by malicious viruses. In some cases, the malware masquerades as another piece of software and simply inserts itself into the lowest levels of an operating system, making it very difficult to remove.

From this point, the software can execute a series of low level commands that crash systems, wipe data, and spread to other networks. In the case of data erasure and corruption alone, billions of dollars are expended on back-up and disaster recovery solutions to minimise the effects of malware.

A Cloud Based Solution

Mailcleaner spam filtering services represent an excellent method of stopping spam and malware before they even enter a local business network. Since many businesses have now either moved fully or partially to a cloud-based workflow, the ideal filtering service is cloud based and sits between email infrastructure and the wider internet. Given that email services are the primary method of introducing spam and malware into a local network, this type of proactive monitoring and analysis provides an extra layer of hardened security.

Furthermore, the advantage of the cloud-based filtering software means that it is updated at regular intervals with new malware definitions and new rules. All updates can be done by the parent company, meaning that the local business can focus on fulfilling their individual goal rather than worrying about software roll-outs and version updates. Why leave your business open to spam and malware? The best software solutions are affordable, easy to use, and effective.