Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

This is a question that many pet owners ask themselves, and in order to evaluate the pros and cons, one has to research a little into the details of what pet insurance entails. If you are unsure whether to take out a policy for your dog or cat, here is some useful information to help you make an informed decision.


In this modern world, nothing can be taken for granted, and if you are talking about insurance, one might also consider if home, holiday, or even car insurance is worth it. Of course, one would hope that the insurance is not required, but with pet insurance, for example, you can also cover the regular vet visits and consultations, as well as any accident or sickness. Pet insurance cover can vary, as there are several packages to suit every budget and need, so you can actually tailor the cover your pet receives.

Accidental Injury

In many respects, animals are not as careful as humans, and traffic is always a danger, especially in urban areas, and with large, powerful dog breeds that love to race across the park and leap into the lake, this can sometimes cause a broken bone, or worse. Some of our pets are considered prey in some environments, so there is always the risk of an attack by a wild animal, such as a snake or scorpion, and with comprehensive pet insurance, up to 80% of the vet bills are covered.

Regular Vet Visits

Unfortunately, our pets are not wild animals, and being domesticated, they require regular examination. Vaccines must be administered early on, and with regular health check-ups being included in the comprehensive cover, you won’t have to dip into your savings. Some pets are extremely adventurous, and many cats lead double lives, and hunting at night is a common hobby, even though the feline is well fed, it is the nature of the animal to prey on birds and mice. Farmers lay traps to catch vermin and a cat could easily wander along into one of these, and even a run in the park with your dog is fraught with risk. Some breeds are very friendly, yet others are not and if your dog was attacked by another in a public place, your pet insurance would take care of that.

Avoid Bad Timing

Imagine what would happen if your pet needed emergency treatment that ran into thousands of dollars? And if that isn’t bad enough, your finances are at an all-time low, and the extra money is hard to find, but if you have comprehensive pet insurance, this can never happen, as your pet would be covered for just about every situation.

Part of the Family

We all love our pets and they are an integral part of the family, so it makes sense to have adequate insurance that will ensure the very best treatment should it ever be required, and with regular vet visits included, comprehensive pet cover offers a lot more than just emergency treatment. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind, and if you love your pet, it is worth every dollar.