How do you make your employees productive?

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How do you make your employees productive?

I like the question, but I think that ‘making’ anyone anything is going to be a tough ask. Empowering your employees to be more productive? That sounds much better. Inspiring them to be more productive? Now we’re talking!

Productivity is a conundrum that many businesses have. As someone who has been working with different time clock applications for years, I have worked in and with businesses that have unlocked this issue. Here are a few ideas that have really worked for others –


This can feel really scary for many business owners. But there is a massive difference between working on someone else’s ideas and working on something you have bought into – or even something you have come up with yourself. Consulting your team about decisions in the business will help them feel more involved and will increase productivity.


Your team want to know what is going on with the business. Linked to the first idea, if you keep them involved then they are far more likely to produce better results. Some business owners keep all the data to themselves. Believe me, if your team know what makes the company tick, then they will produce much more for it.


You will probably know what it’s like to clock in and out of ‘just a job.’ Don’t et your team feel like this. Having conversations that make them feel valued, rewarding their work and simply saying ‘thank you’ are big steps on the road to making people feel like it is more than a job. Guess what happens next? They become more productive.


One of the most common barriers to productivity is stress in the workplace. If your team feel stressed out at work, then they won’t be in a position to pay full attention to delivering their best. The balance between work and home is vitally important. Stress in the workplace is a killer to truly productive employees.