Currency Trading News

Currency Trading News

Traders can always get the most recent currency trading news from the FXstreet website at any given time and in any part of the world. It is always very important for traders in various parts of the world to keep updating themselves on this news regularly and how they affect the various currencies. The following are some of the most recent news available at the FXstreet website;

  • The rise in oil price could result in a probable uptick in inflation to hasten. According to Jeffery Lacker, who is the president of Fich Richmond, the interest rates may need to rise faster than the markets seem to expect. Some of the vital headlines through Reuters include;
  • Inflation expected to go up to close to 2 percent in 2017
  • Higher interest rates will be needed to ward off inflation pressures judging from greater fiscal stimulation under Trump’s administration.
  • The tightening labor markets will add wage pressures in 2017
  • Real US GDP growth of 2 percent for 2017 will fall to 1.75 from 2018 onwards.
  • There will be stronger business investment as well as modest fiscal stimulus

under Trump’s administration.

  • The EUR/USD pair has retreated after NFP but is on track for a weekly Greenback

still managed to recover some ground and drag EUR/USD to daily lows of around

1.0535 during the New York session. This was despite an NFP report that did not live to the expectations. At first, the Dollar and the EUR/USD pair peaked at before moving back down to a low of around 1.0534. However, the pair found support and bounced back to the current trade of 1.0550, 0.54% below its opening price. EUR/USD is, however, still

on track for a weekly gain that will start the year 2017. This is a consecutive third.

  • Gold has failed to seduce bulls by rejecting 1180 handle after mixed US data.

The metal, once more, has failed to hold gains in the short-term. Gold attracts investors only to fudg exposure to risk. NFP results of 7th of January, 2017, still gave out a good overall image of the US labor market despite being below consensus.

The above-discussed points are just but a few of the latest currency trading news that you can

easily find on the website. It is, therefore, recommendable for all traders to regularly visit the

website to update themselves on this imperative news.